Evoking Clarity and Direction

I really love working with and supporting people who are wanting to make changes in their life.

One thing I have realised is we all need help and assistance in these challenging times!  I know I have!

We need someone who:

When we lose faith, is there to hold space for you.

When we have hesitation, guides you towards the next step.

When we feel lost, shows you the map and how far you have already journeyed.

When we can’t see the way forwards, shows you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me help you...

I am humbled and inspired by the feedback I receive from clients, saying that they feel safe, held and supported during the sessions we have, and that out of this they receive clarity in moving forward.

I invite you to let me assist you in making the changes needed right now for you to live a more empowered and authentic life!  I would love to hear from you!

What happens in a Session?

Sessions are 100% confidential and are held either in person or online via Zoom.

During the sessions we will look at your world from different viewpoints, internal and external, enabling you to get new perspectives of who you are.

With these new perspectives you are better able to navigate your life’s journey, and to work out which paths to take and which not to take, knowing deep down that one you choose is the correct one for you!

We will work together as we go through the sessions, to create change by focusing on what you are wanting to create and achieve, by evoking and using your own inner (soul) wisdom, as your guide.

Do any of the following questions feel familiar?

Are you feeling lost?
Is some part of your life not working?
Is your heart calling for a new direction?
Want to make a decision but just can’t figure it out?

If these or any other questions are buzzing in your head, let's chat!

Why not get started today with a FREE Exploration Call?

Let us get to know each other a bit better. 

In the call you will have the opportunity to ask all those questions you need answering! 

One on One Sessions

Foundation Session

In this Foundation session we will explore in depth the issues you wish to work with, we will look at your desired outcomes (goals), and we will then together create a plan/path forward to assist you in moving towards your outcomes.

Once you've had your foundation session you can choose the frequency of sessions. You may choose to have ad hoc sessions or commit to your ongoing transformation by investing in a coaching programme.

One on One Sessions

With the foundation firmly in place we will get straight into coaching and assisting you to bring your inner wisdom into the situations in your life.

(Please note that you will first need to have completed the initial Foundation session with me before embarking on ongoing sessions. Let us get the foundation set firmly and then create the platform for change and transformation in areas of your life)

Package Options

I have noticed through working with a number of clients that Change happens over time and making the commitment to a number of sessions is the best way to ensure Transformation and Change.

Save money ... ongoing regular commitment to your process and progress
Payment plan options available - please discuss with me

6 Sessions Package

Includes a First Step Foundation Session (1.5 Hours) plus
5 x 1 hour One on One Sessions.

12 Sessions Package

Includes a First Step Foundation Session (1.5 Hours) plus
11 x 1 hour One on One Sessions.

“Making significant changes to your life takes time, effort and commitment!  As we see from nature, as it transits steadily from week to week, month to month, and season to season, here is an opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and spend some time reflecting on where you are and where you want to be.  You do not need to hurry!" Paul Barker


The  sessions with Paul helped give me structure and guidance with so many things.  I am very grateful for the changes this has brought into my life.  Thanks, Paul!  Eileen Peacock - United Kingdom

In the whole process Paul is not there just for the business but he has a genuine concern to equip a person to sustain wellbeing and growth over the long term. An encounter with Paul’s coaching meant for me an intimate encounter with my authentic self that led to a better quality of life. Jurgens Pieterse - South Africa