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Please find below testimonials from some amazing people that I have had the privilage to help and assist.

Sophie Jewry - United Kingdom

"Had an amazing coaching session with Paul Barker this morning.  He was so patient with my over analysing brain.  It felt as though we had done a full days work in just 90 minutes and he definitely pressed some buttons for me (in all the ways a good coach can).  A calm considered approach with some really interesting aspects to the session.If you have lost your mojo a bit or feel there's an area in your personality that might be holding you back I can highly recommend him, for men and women.I went in the session with no real idea about what I wanted to talk about and we ended up doing some pretty deep work.  I came out feeling lighter and with a few specifics that I will be delving into further."

Jurgens Pieterse - South Africa

"I can with honesty and total conviction recommend Paul Barker as a coach and mentor.  Paul is passionate about life and an inspiration as a coach.  He has the skills and knowledge that allows one to get to the core of issues that hamper personal progress and the enjoyment of life.

Paul did not come with a set of answers to me, but assisted me in the process of tapping into my own knowledge and potential to find answers that pertained directly to me and my own situation.  The process was not easy because Paul was not afraid to ask tough questions or point out logical inconsistencies.  Rather he allowed me to find new ways to look at my situation and rephrase my problems so that I could unlock new insights.

He also provided me with a roadmap to go beyond the root problem and assisted me to identify the actions needed and the paradigms that needs to shift in order for me to make changes in my life, monitor progress and become more accountable for my decisions, thoughts and actions.

In the whole process Paul is not there just for the business but he has a genuine concern to equip a person to sustain wellbeing and growth over the long term. An encounter with Paul’s coaching meant for me an intimate encounter with my authentic self that led to a better quality of life."

Eileen Peacock - United Kingdom

"I came to Paul, knowing I need to work on something, but not exactly sure what it was (couldn’t quite put my finger on it), around my personal journey.  After a brief chat, we decided to tackle two problems.  These were two things that I have had occurring and re-occurring in my life for what seems like forever.  Both equally obstructive in how I wanted to be moving forward in my life now.

I felt things shifting during the sessions; had a number of aha moments, which helped me to change the way I looked & dealt with various things in my life; not just the specific things we had worked with.

For the first time in a very long time, possibly ever.  I can truly say I AM FINE the way I am.  I strive to always be a better version of myself.  However, I am FINE THE WAY I AM.  It is a profound realisation to finally have and one that I am thrilled to be experiencing.

The long-term effects have been wonderful.   There are times I find myself occasionally reverting back to old habits, but they don't last long and the best thing has been realising, that too is okay.

The coaching sessions with Paul helped give me structure and guidance with so many things.  I am very grateful for the changes this has brought into my life.  Thanks, Paul!"

Max Warren - United States

"Going into the coaching experience with Paul felt like a step into a powerful and vulnerable place with an experienced and wise guide.  There was a felt sense of the possibility for change and deeper fulfilment being possible.  I was looking at making a major move with work and leaving a secure position I had had for some time to venture out on my own.  Paul stepped me though process of clarifying what I wanted and why.  I appreciate Paul's ability to challenge me and call me forward, while insuring that I have created congruence in my desires, boundaries and commitments.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Paul and benefit from his support and wisdom."

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