Working With Me!

I really love working with and supporting people who are wanting to make changes in their life.

One thing I have realised is we all need help and assistance in these challenging times!

I am humbled, inspired and motivated by the feedback I receive from clients, saying that they feel safe, held and supported during the sessions we have, and that out of this they receive clarity in moving forward.

Let me assist you in making the changes needed right now!  I would love to hear from you!

One on One Sessions

This the option for those who want to receive 1 on 1 personal sessions, and is the perfect option if you want get clarity and direction around any specific life issues.

Life Alignment

Life Alignment is a process of healing and transformation, that addresses the physical and emotional well-being of an individual, allowing a person to achieve greater clarity, direction and purpose.

Men's Heart Circle

A Men’s Heart Circle, where we create space for men to gather, to connect, and receive support from each other.  I am offering an Online Meeting place for men to sit in circle together, to share, to explore, to learn and to laugh!